A – Tenants agree to undertake the following responsibilities

1.To pay the Rent on time within 7 days (including weekend);

2.To use the premises for the residential purpose only and not for any activities deemed illegal under the Vietnam’s laws. Any renovation which is needed to satisfy the Lessee’s own requirements must be subject to the written consent of the Lessor and must comply with the regulations on the capital construction of Vietnam;

3.To be responsible for protecting all his own personal properties. The Lessee takes full responsibility to give due care to the apartment and equipment and furnishings listed in the attached Appendix 1. In case of any damage, by the Lessee’s fault or by a third party who is allowed access to the premises except by unlawful or forceful entry such as theft or robbery, the Lessee shall be responsible to compensate for the cost of necessary repair or replacement (normal tear and wear accepted);

4.To comply with the regulations on fire prevention and the general protection of sanitation, environment, order and security, within residential areas;

5.Not to be entitled to transfer this Lease Contract or to sublease the premises to another lessee;

6.Allow the Lessor to show accommodation for new customer  before terminated contract 30 days;