Our Mission

HOMINIUM started in 2017 in an effort to change the way old school real estate works to a more modern approach utilizing:

(1) Providing tenants with a premium housing service on a reasonable price.

(2) Supporting real estate agencies/agents to help them to work better on the way they provide their service.

With this partnership real estate agencies and tenants benefit from having better accommodation but saving time and money.

What are we doing ?

Providing Flexible Options

We are providing types of accommodation from rooms to villas on flexible lease terms.

Work Smart, Not Hard

We are supporting agents to work smarter, more effective and of course, to have more benefits.

Getting Better

We always trying to improve our service to make tenants feel at home, their satisfaction is our success.

More about HOMINIUM

Our slogan is “Satisfaction For lease” which means, we not only lease  accommodation, we lease satisfaction.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in providing housing services.We understand the local market and how to make our clients happier.

We now sponsor scholarships for disabled students to help them chase their dreams. We are able to do so by selling advertising on our site. 100% of the proceeds goes towards helping disabled people here in Vietnam.
We also create job opportunities by giving them a chance to work with us.
Together, Hominium believes, we will make life better.